Think Bigger
Ground Zero


- Nothing remains unchanged -

- the World building-site -
The Future starts here

Stage One - Time - the greatest excavation in the world begins

it takes time for humanity to come to grips with the incomprehensible
from the open damaged space of New York the bed-rock (granit) will be excavated
A chasm abaut 300 meters square and 300 meters deep will be created

The excavation (over several years) provides time to humanity - time to assimilate
The excavations provide space - space to reflect
The vast chasm makes evident the incomprehensible

Stage Two - Emptiness - the new building is founded on old New York

The rock is the backbone of the new building
The building marks the boundary of the chasm
The vast chasm provides the space for new development
and enables new horizons

Stage Three - WEC - WORLD EARTH CENTER - brimming with life

The new WEC will be planned as a global city
There will be provision for everything which takes place
Open spaces, slopes, footpaths, platforms, memorial rooms...
Festive areas, business, offices, etc
Space for everyday needs- restaurants, cafes, shops
Cultural spaces-theatres, concert-halls, galleries, studios..
-Sport, Keep-fit, climbing, golf, athletics....

Reclamation - the new city

The huge quantity of debris of the excavation will be dumped into the sea
it will provide the foundations of a new New York
The more the rubble the greater will be the founds of the city
As the WEC begins in the city, the new town of Lower Manhatten expands

the World Building Site - Symbol for the future

the fierce resolution and its realization into a new beginning
the acceptance of what has happened and allowing the emptiness to be seen
affords a challange for the future

The Topography of Ground Zero

First Dimension - from the Sea
We see Lower Manhatten - the skyscraper.
We see nothing more is left but in our thoughts

Second Dimension - From the Sky - aus der Luft
The skyscrapers reach up to heaven
In their midst an enormous wound is visible
we behold the new World

Third Dimension - By Taxi.... on foot .......
Everyone knows that at the finish there is an enormous chasm
you arrive at the edge of this chasm through the high-rise canyons
the threshold of the new World
An area for reflection (a sheet of water 25 m.wide) borders the open space
Stepping in to it the observer is himself reflected
The mirage duplicates the skyscrapers and the view is going to be clear

Fourth Dimension - Inside the chasm
The World Earth Center, the base for old New York,
is the foundation stone for a new devolpment
the subway travels through the new World

Energy + Equilibrium in the WEC

The Technology of Equilibrium

Heating           Making use of the heat from the earth by drilling through the granit

       Cooling      Using underground springs to flood the building exterior
                        -realising the largest waterfall within a city

Light          through the facades(tilted surfaces as prisms) and light tubes
           the daylight will be reflected into the enormous open space

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